Connecting your business to the digital world

As you continue to be faced with more information and more digital platforms to connect to, you need fast, uninterrupted connectivity for your business. Geared to grow along with your data capacity and business continuity needs, get the very best in internet technology with business fibre from SA Digital Villages.

We build, manage and maintain our own last-mile fibre network, on which we offer a range of telecommunication products – fibre broadband, voice services, and layer 3 services – to give you best-of-breed solutions for your business.

Backed by premier open access fibre optics company, Dark Fibre Africa, our network coverage is available nationally – enabling us to provide you with fibre for your business in no time.

Connected Developments

Our network is available in all major cities throughout South Africa – with our national footprint expanding rapidly.
Our current reach includes: Johannesburg, Nelspruit, Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria, and Bloemfontein – Port Elizabeth, East London and Mossel Bay are currently underway.

Our Property Development Partners

We have partnered with a number of property owners and developers allowing for strategic relationships in the deployment of fibre.

We are one of the trusted advisors within the Abland portfolio – allowing open access fibre to their sites in order to mitigate interruptions and commercials. Our sites within their portfolio include Loftus Park (Pretoria), 165 West (Sandton), The Reef (Albemarle), and Fair Ways Office Park – and are continuing to grow.

We have provided Barrow Construction’s commercial and residential developments with fibre infrastructure. They were looking for a partner to eliminate the need for duplicate telecommunications infrastructure and resultant development disruptions. We were selected as their preferred partner of choice. The single point of accountability within the last mile fibre network has proven to be valuable to several Barrow developments.

We have partnered with Redefine to service all their fibre network needs – as such, our network is currently operational in over 50 Redefine properties. We are continually deploying services to their precincts to ensure that our services are reliable and stable for tenants.

Video and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)

Our VoIP service allows you to benefit from better communication at reduced costs and experience video conferencing calls with high-definition call quality – anywhere, anytime. We can provide you with a new geographic and non-geographic (087) number, alternatively, you can keep your current phone number and port it to our network with any of the accredited service providers. Choose one of our bundles below and save when you switch to VoIP.

Retail Bundle:

Perfect for small retail stores, our retail bundle includes high-speed fibre connectivity and voice packages to suit your needs and wallet. Available in select areas.

What You Get:
  • Capped fibre internet (asymmetrical)

  • Speeds ranging from 10 Mbps to 200 Mbps

  • Hosted VoIP solution (optional)

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Business Bundle:

Perfect for medium to large enterprises, our business bundle gives you dedicated connectivity and service to suit your growing business needs.

What you get:
  • Uncapped fibre internet (symmetrical, uncontended, unshaped)
  • Speeds ranging from 10 Mbps to 1 Gbps
  • Hosted and on-site VoIP solutions
  • 5 Static IPs
  • Business Class Routers
  • Service Level Agreement
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Service Levels and Support

Our network is built with high resilience and ease of maintenance as its objective. Full support of our services levels is provided via our Network Operations Centre (NOC) and support teams to ensure maximum uptime.

We design and deploy our infrastructure so that all components are easy to reach when maintenance needs to be performed. We would not be able to achieve our average Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) of 2.54 hours if this was not the case. Our preventive maintenance teams do a great deal of work to mitigate risks of network breaks.

NOC hours of operation and monitoring:


Fault reporting:


Network availability: