Upgrade from smartphones to smart homes with fibre-to-the-home

Enjoy fast, uninterrupted entertainment when you get fibre for your home. Connect with loved ones, stream your favourite shows, and connect everything from your TV to your security system.

Our fibre network is open access which means that you have access to over 40 Internet Service Providers – giving you the freedom to choose the right package and partner for your internet needs.

We have been connecting homes for over 11 years and specialise in building last mile fibre optic networks. We don’t only lay the fibre in the ground, but we also take care of the management and operation thereafter – ensuring you are always connected.

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The SADV Journey

We deploy our fibre network to various suburbs and residential estates. Deploying fibre infrastructure can be disruptive at times so we endeavour to provide timeous progress updates for residents from our website and social media channels.

There is NO COST to property owners, tenants, Homeowners Associations (HOAs), and Body Corporates (BCs) for the provision and construction of fibre into the property – it is funded entirely by us. The only costs incurred will be for tenants or owners who sign up for a fibre service.

Fibre for Individual Homes

In order for us to roll-out a fibre network to a suburb, we require the necessary approvals from the local municipality to trench the pavements to lay fibre cables underground and connect a fibre wall box to every second home’s boundary wall. Below are the six stages we go through to get your home fibre-ready:

Fibre for Apartments and Buildings

In order for us to provision fibre into apartment buildings and complexes, we require the necessary authorisation and access from the body corporate, homeowners association, or residents association to enable us to find a fibre solution to best suit the needs of everyone who stays there. Below are the six stages we go through to get your home fibre-ready: